Partnering & Outreach

Yale ITS high school intern
Yale ITS internship programs continue to grow. To date, more than 110 students and recent college graduates have participated in our career-building programs.
Children playing at the Yale Child Study Center
Yale's Child Study Center worked with ITS to bring telehealth technology to its child psychiatry services. Telehealth is a term that describes the use of communications technology to provide direct patient care or enable care providers to consult with each other remotely.

Partnering & Outreach: More Accomplishments

Linda K. Lorimer Award ceremony
Linda K. Lorimer Award ITS Honorees

Two ITS staff members were among the 2015 recipients of Yale’s Linda K. Lorimer Award for staff excellence and distinguished service. Elvin Torres, Operating Systems Programmer for Endpoint Engineering, received the award for his work identifying and deflecting a major cybersecurity risk to Yale’s systems. Marc Ulan, Associate CIO, Business Systems Group, is part of the Workday Project Leadership Team, which received the award for its guidance of the Workday project.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King
Banners Celebrating the Kings' Legacy

ITS Illustration & Design Services created banners honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King to display in the Sterling Memorial Library nave during the month of January.  Created in collaboration with Christine Weideman, the library’s director of manuscripts and archives, the banners’ design included historical photos and documents exploring the Kings’ connections to Yale and their work for social justice.

Women in IT at Yale event
Women in Technology Programs

Women in IT @ Yale (WIT), a career-focused shared interest group founded by Yale ITS staff members, announced in October its new executive sponsors: Susan Gibbons, Deputy Provost and University Librarian; and Jane Livingston, Associate CIO, Yale ITS. WIT seeks to recruit, build, empower, and sustain a community of women in information technology at Yale through mentoring, educational programs, speaker events, and networking.

Yale Technology Summit session
2015 Yale Technology Summit

Yale ITS partnered with the departments and organizations across campus to present the second Yale Technology Summit, held in October at the School of Management. More than 80 faculty members, students, staff, and alumni discussed topics such as interactivity in the classroom, digital archiving, healthcare, online learning, research data management, and using technology to address social and environmental problems. Yale’s Brian Scassellati, Professor of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Mechanical Engineering, delivered the keynote address.

Yale-HP Blended Reality Project

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Yale have joined forces on an applied research project called Blended Reality. Its goal is to improve access to 3D design tools, augmented reality, digital imaging, and 3D fabrication technologies in order to open new creative outlets for Yale faculty and students. HP Inc. is contributing funding, equipment, research travel, equipment discounts, and in-kind services. Planning began in June 2016, with project research to be conducted during the 2016-17 academic year.

Business Intelligence Community of Practice

Working closely with the Yale community, ITS Business Systems Group (BSG) has established a Business Intelligence Community of Practice. The Community of Practice provides a space to share Business Intelligence knowledge, build relationships, and leverage a shared support structure for common activities, such as license and environment management. Supporting the Community of Practice are monthly newsletters, office hours, brown bag sessions with internal and external speakers, a central license and environment management, and expert support services.

User Research for Better Websites

Every month, the User Experience & Digital Strategy team runs “Testing Thursdays,” providing hands-on user research for a wide variety of web projects, such as the Yale Directory and School of Divinity website. The team works with clients to identify tasks they want improved on their sites and observes users as they attempt to complete them. After a review of the findings, the team creates expert recommendation reports for the clients.

IT Partners Friday Forum
Expanding IT Partner Outreach

Within Yale’s expansive and diverse IT environment, ITS’s Medicine & University IT Partners team provides a vital service in helping ITS accurately address University needs and providing an active voice for the distributed IT community at Yale. Medicine & University IT Partners maintains regular support meetings and forums with the University IT community, the professional schools, library, museums and galleries, and West Campus.

Attendees at the IT Partners Retreat
Technology Lifecycle Management Training

At the annual Professional Schools Plus IT Partners retreat In July 2015, ITS Medicine and IT Partners collaborated with the ITS Office of the Chief Technology Officer to lead a workshop on Technology Lifecycle Management. Using techniques presented by ITS, IT Partners assessed their own application portfolios, which enabled them to think more strategically about the technology they support. This workshop captured divergence from and alignment with ITS’s plans for the broad University application and technology portfolio.

Online Study of Chinese Texts

For the Ten Thousand Rooms Project, ITS is building an open-access platform to enable textual work on pre-modern Chinese sources. ITS’s Web Technologies team is working with the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures to support the technical evolution of the Mirador Viewer developed by Stanford University. The Mirador is a platform that enables individuals to upload images and organize projects oriented around those sources’ transcriptions, translations, or annotations.

Campus-wide Cloud Working Group

As IT organizations across Yale take steps to invest in cloud services, the ITS Technology Architecture Committee (TAC) formed a Cloud Working Group and invited broad participation from ITS leaders, the School of Architecture, the School of Medicine, the University Library, the School of Management, Yale Center for British Art, and Yale College. The TAC Cloud Working Group provided a forum for understanding assessment criteria for selecting public cloud providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS); for reviewing plans for shared services across various cloud providers such as network, firewall, account management, load balancing; and for developing strategies for selecting vendors.

Yale researchers in lab
Research Computing Technical Advisory Group

To address a pressing need for researchers to provide external (non-Yale) access to internal resources more efficiently, the Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC) Steering Committee convened a Technical Advisory Group to provide recommendations. Led by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, the Technical Advisory Group includes Yale faculty; research scientists from the YCRC; staff from ITS Information Security, Policy and Compliance; ITS Infrastructure Services; and the University Library. Through deep discussions with leaders from other universities and research consortia as well as the Yale Office of the Provost, the Technical Advisory Group developed recommendations to address one of the most significant issues facing Yale researchers. The recommendations were reviewed by the Yale Center for Research Computing Steering Committee in June 2016.