Core Services

Staff member uses Workday on her iPad
The first of July 2016 marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of Workday@Yale, which has revolutionized how University business offices and Human Resources, Payroll and academic staff get their work done and maintain their personal information.
Multifactor authentication illustration
The Information Security Office's determined that multifactor authentication was needed to safeguard against the growing problem of unauthorized access to Yale's data. The project posed a formidable challenge: In a very short time frame, how could Yale ITS successfully introduce and encourage the adoption of a necessary change that impacted how staff, faculty, and students do their work?

Core Services: More Accomplishments

IPTV illustration
IPTV: 100 Channels of Streaming Content

Yale ITS replaced legacy wired cable TV services with on-demand streaming television services through Xfinity on Campus. The IPTV service, available to eligible students and Yale affiliates, provides more than 100 channels of streaming content while on campus, in addition to many off-campus offerings such as ESPN and HBO-GO. The application can be used on a variety of Android and iOS devices, as well as on conventional desktop or laptop computers through the use of a web browser.

ITS Help Desk expanded hours
24-Hour, 7-Day Help Desk Support

In September, the ITS Help Desk began offering technical support by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls made after hours to 203-432-9000 are handled by an outside vendor.  ITS expanded the Help Desk hours in response to requests from the Yale community expressed in the 2015 Yale Technology Survey and customer service surveys.

Image of servers in the cloud
Spinup Portal and API

ITS Infrastructure Services developed an in-house, self-service portal and application program interface (API) called Spinup. Spinup allows individuals the ability to provision virtual machines and application environments on a variety of infrastructure ecosystems. Spinup is currently in its pilot phase and is scheduled to be launched in the first half of FY 2017. Spinup will offer cloud storage options, databases, containers, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options for Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, and more.

Storage@Yale Central File Service

ITS implemented Storage@Yale as the central file service offering for the University. It replaces slower and costlier options with three tiers of storage designed to meet individual needs. The standard tier provides an inexpensive everyday solution for 90 percent of users; the enhanced tier provides high-speed, high-I/O capabilities; and the archive tier provides a location to keep data for long periods of time at a very low cost. 

Antivirus Replacement

ITS upgraded its antivirus service’s software component to IBM BigFix Protection on more than 15,000 computers. The transition occurred with very few errors or problems. IBM BigFix will save the University more than a million dollars over the next five years and will make it easier and faster for ITS to respond to malware issues and collect security data.

Office 365 Implementation

ITS moved 40,000 mailboxes to the Office 365 platform in approximately two months. This project standardized the use of the mobile Outlook client to enhance calendaring reliability and performance. With the community’s needs in mind, ITS transitioned the mailboxes to a new mobile-friendly cross-platform web interface. Future plans include the introduction of additional Office 365 platform services such as Sharepoint, OneDrive, and OneNote.


CEID Hardware Refresh

ITS Public Computing Services completed the first hardware refresh of the Center for Engineering and Innovative Design (CEID). This involved taking inventory all of the devices as well as moving them to the Windows 10 operating system. Public Computing Services staff worked closely with the CEID to ensure they were meeting the center’s needs and keeping them informed on progress.